Glen Eira University of the Third Age

The Database is Offline and Members cannot logon but they can view Courses

This is the Glen Eira U3A Membership System

Full details of how to enrol for courses are in the November 2019 Newsletter.

There will be no enrolments on Monday and Tuesday, 18-19th of November.

The Second round of enrolments will commence from 9.30am Wednesday 20 November.

You will be able to enrol, or extend your enrolments, to a maximum of 5 long course and/or a number of short courses to a total of 10 courses.

If you have been an active member at any time since 2014, you will have an existing member number and a password, and we will have your details in our database.

Membership fees should be paid at the time of enrollment.

Note: This applies to members who are only wait-listed for courses. You are paying for a membership of Glen Eira U3A, not a course fee.


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